This is our Story.


Company founder Brian Nodwell realizes as CIO of medium-sized energy service company that safety management needs software and cannot find a solution anywhere. Nodwell leaves his former employer, cashes in his stock options and incorporates Drilling Works Corp. A new office is purchased directly above a nightclub and employees have to access the office via fire escape in the back. The team begins brainstorming names for the new software, the first 12 names are already taken. The team settles on 'SafetySync'.


As the groundwork for the new software is laid out, the team stays hydrated on slurpees and greasy donairs from a nearby eatery. A new espresso machine arrives and development pace accelerates. A 1800 number is now very much needed. 1-800-4SAFETY is taken. The team settles for 1-866-668-6402. A number sure to be memorable. Our online training feature launches in beta with WHMIS and TDG as the first two courses.


The sales team is discouraged to learn that the competition will always undercut us on training. SafetySync decides to make all training free. After our first customer signs up for training they soon realize that they really want a comprehensive safety management system and upgrade to the paid plan. Beta version of SDS feature launched. First SDS uploaded is Duron 15W-40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil. Beta version of Bulletins and Alerts module launched. First Bulletin is sent by Nodwell informing his staff that they cannot lock the door to the nightclub below their office (fire chief paid an impromptu visit). Beta version of Policy Acknowledgement module launched. First policy acknowledgement is SafetySync's own Smoking Policy, which is completely ignored by all patrons of the neighboring nightclub.


Beta version of certificate tracking launches, first certificate uploaded is an expired driver's license. SafetySync signs up its 100th customer. Beta version of Safe Operating Procedure module launched. Procedure provides detailed steps required for "Grinding Wheel Operation". First 87 compliance email reminders sent out from the system on a Wednesday morning. Average worker compliance was 37%. Beta version of Forms & Recordkeeping module launched. First record submitted is a Hazard ID with deficiency logged as "Fan clutch went on Snubbing Unit".


Beta version of Perception Surveys module launched. First respondant Strongly Agrees that "My coworkers are competent to safely perform their work assignments." Beta version of Audit Preparation and Review module launched. Tired of working above a nightclub, SafetySync staff move to a more modern (1917!) warehouse 10 blocks further East in Calgary's Warehouse District. Beta version of Safety Rewards module is launched. First worker earns 5 points for passing Working Alone quiz.


SafetySync signs up its 1000th customer. Beta version of Equipment Tracking module launched. First equipment entered was a 1985 Kenworth C500 Tri-Drive Winch Tractor. First safety reward claimed... a Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPod and MP3 Players. Client worker acknowledges the 100,000th policy. It is an Earthquake Emergency Response Plan. 11 months later there is a 3.8 magnitude earthquake in Quebec, just 4,000 km away. There were no fatalities. Coincidence?


SafetySync signs up its 2000th customer. Staff begin to believe that there may actually be a career in safety software development, these milestones seem to come quicker and quicker! Beta version of Competency Assessment module is lanched. First worker is deemed competent at "Loading and offloading skid steer". SafetySync provides 500,000th online training module. Worker barely passes Hearing Protection quiz with 84% score (score required to pass was set by client's administrator to 80%). Volume of invoices reaches unmanageable level. Company purchases envelope sealer and postage mailer. SafetySync signs up its 3000th customer. "Holy smokes," says Nodwell, "We're going to need more staff!" and begins actively hiring more programmers and designers.


Customer uploads the 50,000th certificate and becomes only the 23rd worker in that company that is certified to operate a forklift. The team has been too busy implementing customers and realizes their website has not been updated in 4 years. Oops. Dedicated team designs and completely new website designed to work on mobile. The great Alberta flood of 2013 swept the SafetySync team out of their office due to downtown flooding. Staff works out of Nodwell's sunroom in his house packed shoulder to shoulder for a month while repairs are done to the office. Company purchases dozens of 2560x1600 resolution monitors for an ungodly amount but now all staff have 4 monitors creating a panoramic workspace.


Revenue doubles for the third straight year and the sales teams has dozens of new customers to launch for the 1st quarter of 2014. 5000th customer signs up, we celebrate by dropping the subscription fee to $5 per worker. Company begins stocking the kitchen pantry with unlimited meals, snacks, and drinks. Staff sets new record for duration of marathon hackathon. Alarmed by the sudden increase in caloric intake amond staff, company initiates office fitbit competition. Rolled out new trade show booth that is 10’ high and has six medium TV’s. Sales team barely manages to set it up in 2 hour time limit. Added ability for customers to load their own course content. Feedback scores drop considerably. Incident Tracking Beta rolled out. Confirming Nodwell’s worst fears, the company receives over 100 suggestions for 100 completely different formats.


Oil price hits 6-year low of $42.85. Oil and gas service customers deactivate over 40% of their workers (ouch!). Good thing we built SafetySync to work for all industries. SafetySync adds its 7000 company! That includes over 125,000 users! SafetySync’s competitor, Intelex, announces $160 Million capital raise. By complete happenstance, Nodwell receives six inquiries in the next four weeks from venture capitalists. After many complaints from safety consultants who manage multiple accounts, new “Switch Account” button added for applicable users. After discussion with the team, Nodwell decides that this thing is already blowing up huge without venture capitalists. Work continues.


With a mature product, work begins on a grand marketing strategy. First step, re-doing website. Again. Support team receives calls from users worried that their portal had been compromised by Chinese cyberwarfare hackers. Apparently our recent demos included showing users how they could change their default language to Chinese. After two years of tepid growth, the great energy industry downturn appears to be over as existing customers start to bring on new workers. Staff is hopeful for ending the year off on a high note. After the inevitable death of Adobe Flash appears on the horizon, our first HTML5 course launches, setting off a wave of emails asking when everyone else's favourite course will be converted to the mobile-friendly format. Revenue explodes by 25% in just 4 months, shocking all staff. Someone at the daily huddle whispers, “Hey, are we a high-growth company again?”. Another employee responds with, "Don’t jinx it!” SafetySync adds its 10,000th company! Over 190,000 users!


After 10 years of only allowing administrators to assign safety program elements by position, SafetySync also adds location-based requirements. Query load on servers quadruples. At SafetySync AGM, shareholders are informed that the company made roughly $2.8 Billion more than Uber in 2016. Added ability to link Incidents to Equipment. It’s good to know why a truck is written off apparently. SafetySync beats the Rule of 40 by over 30 percent in 2017. Management considers spending a bit more money in 2018.


Third bilingual course added. Merci!... C’est rien. SafetySync moves into beautifully renovated 1950 m2 office recently vacated software company that tragically and suddenly needed to downsize. Thanks for the free tenant improvements! Rent expense inexplicably increases by 5 times. Free Ted Talk Tuesday lunches are suspended for a few weeks in a desperate attempt to cut costs. Much-delayed redesign of smartphone-optimized Worker Portal Beta released. A major software update is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it's meant to! With the addition of “The Phoenix Project”, SafetySync’s library of business books reaches 200 titles.


Ping pong tables and badminton court have arrived. Staff is out of breath after our Christmas potluck. 20,000th company signs up! Over 350,000 users! After the death of our beloved Saeco Espresso machine and months of slumming it with a Keurig, we finally get another super automatic espresso machine, the new Gaggia Anima.