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The purpose of this course is to assist carriers and drivers with understanding the Federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation. An increased understanding of the regulations and compliance with legislation will result in fewer collisions thus saving lives, reducing the severity of injuries and the associated costs to society. This course, its quizzes, and the Fatigue Management course combine to satisfy the 4hr training requirement mandated by some provincial regulators.

Course Overview

Duration: 12900 minutes

Number of Lessons: 18

Format: Online

Topics Covered:

Daily Limits

Driver Activities & Logbooks



Work Shift Limits

Deferral of Off-Duty Time

Sleeper Berths


Oil Well Service Vehicle Permits


North of Latitude 60

Daily Logs

160 Kilometer Radius Exemption

Electronic Recording Devices

Inspections and Authority

Daily Log Audits


Oil Well Service Vehicle Cycle Exemption

Forever Free Access